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Have an upcoming conference, church service, or event? Invite Josiah to speak! Equipped with a variety of talks, he will engage your audience while they learn the truth of God's word.  
Peace & God Bless!
The salt must keep its taste! How can the church shine on the hill if we don't pass the torch?! As Christians, we're called to pursue the lost. That goal has become difficult because Christians steadily conform to the world. The line between IN the world, but not OF the world is blurred. The Purpose Seminar is designed to highlight boundaries and set Christians free to pursue purpose - To love God and others. The Purpose Seminar will empower followers of YAHWEY with ultimate truth. It will equip them with tools to live a purpose-driven life. We're passionate about creating conscious Christians - Kingdom Citizens aware of their calling and pursuing it!
Desire to Chase God
Live to Serve
Hunger for Truth
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About Me

My Purpose

When the Holy Spirit manifested as a flame above the apostles, it sparked a spiritual revolution that changed the world. Empowered with divine purpose the disciples spread the Good News far and wide. Likewise, I run with the torch of truth! My purpose is to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to keep the faith, pursue their calling, and live kingdom-focused. My purpose is to carry the torch of God's truth and set others ablaze! To God be all the glory! 

My Testimony

I came into the world on January 21, 1992. When I was born my father served as a Navy Musician. I lived on a military base called Fort Belvoir. I accepted Christ at a young age and never had doubts. I had plenty of questions with few answers, but my faith was solid. As I matured, God revealed my gifts for speaking and music. My mother is a passionate speaker and encouraged me to hone my craft. I discovered apologetics in my early 20s, and never looked back. 

Robbie Martini 
Pastor at Evangel Church Kansas City

"An intellectual thinker and motivational speaker. Josiah combines his natural ability to communicate with any crowd with his charming personality to create a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Whether it is through speaking, writing, performing or conversation, Josiah is fresh, exciting, and engaging. His skills and abilities line up with his passion and calling: to see positive changes in individuals. Josiah is a guy your crowd will want to have back again and again."

Chad Jamerson, Sr. Pastor of New Life Church Ministries

"Josiah is a cutting–edge communicator and a dynamic songwriter/performer. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to impact people through conferences, speaking engagements, discussions, and entertainment performances."

Donte Newsome, @TheCoachDontePodcast

"He fosters positive discussions and brings the best out of people. More importantly, his heart for the Kingdom of God and purposeful devoutness to serve Jesus is a legacy known by this generation."

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